Thug Health Collective is a place for people who give a f*ck about their health but give no f*cks about the BS of the health and yoga industries.


We provide health coaching – You come to us with a health problem and we help you find a solution and then guide you on the journey to that solution.

We want you to move your body more often, not burn out from over-exercising.

We want you to improve your blood test results, not stress about the number on the scales.

We want you to make healthier food choices, not obsess about calories.


We teach yoga – In a group setting and also in your own home.

We want you to become more flexible, not worry about how the yoga pose looks.

We want you to reduce aches and pains in your body, not injure yourself.

We want you to retain balance as you age, not end up in a nursing home due to falls.